Step 1 : Mixing process

  • Sawdust, paddy husk and lime will be mixed in the ratio 100:10:1 in the mixer.
  • Water will be added to ensure the humidity of the substrate bag contains 60-65%.

Step 2 : Bagging

  • The mixed medium will be filled into the plastic bag mechanically.
  • A ring and cap will be covered on the top of the substrate bag.
  • The substrate bag will be arranged on the pallet accordingly.

Step 3 : Sterilization

  • The substrate bag will be sterilized at 120°c for 3 hours
  • 5 pallets of substrate bags can be fitted into a boiler.
  • Boiled substrate bags will be leave for cooling down process for one day.

Step 4 : Inoculation

  • Mushroom spawn will be inoculated into the substrate bag in a quarantine room.

Step 5 : Colonization

  • Substrate bags will be delivered to the green houses.
  • Mycelium will take approximately 35-45 days for growing.
  • Rejection rate for substrate bag will be controlled at 5% or below.

Step 6 : Fruiting

  • Cap will be opened after 35-45 days colonization process.
  • Fruiting process takes 4-5 days after cap opened.

Step 7 : Harvesting

  • Mushroom will be ready to harvest after 4-5 days.
  • Mushroom stalk remained on the substrate bag will be cleaned after harvesting process (if there is any).
  • Harvested mushroom will be sent to packing house.

Step 8 : Packing

  • Mushrooms will be packed in different packaging based on daily orders.
  • 3 classification of mushrooms will be categorized as follows
  •      Class A (Standard Size)
  •      Class B (Small Size)
  •      Rejected mushroom

Step 9 : Delivery